A wonderful experience to share with your mum, daughter, sister, friend or colleague.  You just can't underestimate the power of colour, it can transform your whole look. If we don't know what our 'signature colours' are, we can appear tired, drained, unwell and older.


Are you ready to look more vibrant, healthy and stylish?


The experience takes place at the Private Boutique in Willingham, Cambs and includes refreshments and fresh pastries.


After the session you will receive a personally tailored colour swatch wallet and the opportunity to experience the Make-up Masterclass at a discounted VIP rate.  You will also be added to Suzie's VIP Loyalty Members facebook group (where you will receive exclusive offers, tips & gifts).

Shopping will be an absolute breeze. You'll be able to identify your very best colours instantly. Shopping will never feel more easy or enjoyable.

Colour Experience for 2 people