Creating effortlessly stylish wardrobes for women over forty

I am a Personal Stylist and Image Consultant based in Cambridge.


In my experience, by the time we reach our forties, we've got a wardrobe niggle or two. Having listened to hundreds of women over the years, I noticed we have similar issues in common.  Does this sound like you:

"I don’t know… where to start, what styles to choose, what suits me, where to shop for my age, what will flatter me, what will make me feel better, what smart/casual is.

I feel… frustrated, bored, uninspired and fed up with my wardrobe and I've lost my way with my clothes".


It’s not in my DNA to do things by halves, to help you just a little bit.  When we work together, the results will be extraordinary and you’ll feel the best you’ve felt for years, probably decades. I take you on a life changing journey of style discovery.

Think of it as having a magic wand waved over you and your wardrobe.


Womens Silver Shoes

"What you wear tells other people
how to treat you"

 ~Kim Bolsover